London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Dans La Vie

Dans La Vie Spring/Summer 2013 collection “Moving Print Bodies”

Japanese designer Rira Sugawara’s fourth mesmerizing collection under label Dans La Vie contained daring and vivid designs with a focus on femininity and the female form.
As the name of the collection reveals, prints were liberally used throughout with an aesthetic influenced by the emblems of Japanese Gods; ‘Fujin’ (God of wind), ‘Raijin’ (God of thunder) and ‘Ryujin’ (Dragon God).
These elements combined with a slick-snakeskin and a contrasting checkerboard print embellished the traditional Japanese inspired silhouettes, cat suits and peplum containing dresses.

The designers choice of fabrics gave the collection an indisputable modern feel as sheer PVC, tulle and snake leather were predominantly used on the dresses and traditional kimono cuts.
The colour palette contained striking yellow, green, and eclectic blue as well as deep oxblood red emitting a tangible fierceness to the garments.
This collection is yet another example of  Sugawara’s take on traditional craftsmanship set in the modern day resulting in bold, fearless designs.

Designer & Brand Info:

PR Team:  Blow PR

Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm 2012

Article by Zinab Ramma


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