Fyodor Golan Spring/Summer 2013

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

Former winners of Fashion Fringe Fyodor Golan rose to the on schedule challenge with their SS13 collection inspired by ‘The Blue Tattoo’. A novel of a child brought up in Victorian America to be stripped of her cultural identity and abducted into an Indian tribe, then forced back into civilization still bearing the scar of cultural confusion in her tribal tattoo.

Fyodor Golan SS13 opened with sophisticated cobalt blue designs, entwined with broken Victorian china onto white porcelain corsets decorating elegant knee length dresses with a nipped in silhouette and a variety of peplum waists.

The collection transformed into a versatile array of fabrics, evolving from a floor length cobalt satin gown, glittering sequined bodies with mesh pieces, to a haunting face motif printed on a bold yellow swing T-shirt and peering through a shadowy chiffon gown.

Colours transposed as if watching a summers evening rewind from night to dawn, from navy through to burnt amber, accumulating in iridescent red and pinks. The creative value of the collection was immeasurable, from the bright poppy dress which exuberated effortless drapery combined with shimmery kimono detailing on the back to what can only be described as a dress imitating the petals of a pink rose in full bloom.

You could trace structural and ornamental parallelisms from their AW12 collection, with a similar accessorizing of strong facial jewellery and a faux tattooed chin, echoing a theme of a surreal but strong and unforgettable narrative.

Designer & Brand Info: fyodorgolan.co.uk

PR Team: Trace Publicity

Article by Tania Willis

Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm 2012


One thought on “Fyodor Golan Spring/Summer 2013

  1. Style is getting more bizarre and the more I try to understand the sense behind it the more I couldn’t. But what the hell, they’re still pleasing to the eye!

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