Sorapol Spring/Summer 2013 – Euphoria

A subterranean soho venue set the scene for Sorapol’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, inspired by the well to do ‘Catherine’ fleeing bourgeois comfort to submerge herself in the bohemian culture of Kings Road circa 1974. Spiraling into ‘Euphoria’ guests consumed pre-show cocktails as an equally highly-charged panther shaped motorbike came roaring down the catwalk to open the show. Our eyes followed the bio-mechanical feline as it descended through a portal bound for planet Sorapol…. white rabbits after all, are so last season.

Models came cascading down a ‘cocaine’ laced runway to beats reminiscent of celeb fan Azelia Banks’ hit 212. The ‘Catherines’ stumbled seemingly drunk and disorientated with an air of flamboyance reflected in the psychedelic mix of bejeweled crop tops, fuchsia bralets complimenting neon orange peplum skirts and shimmering sequin suspender chaps and pants.
Although clothes were feminine, models appeared genderless in an eccentric new romantic way, masks created by Achraf Amir alluded to the highly influential aesthetic of Leigh Bowery.

Designer & Brand Info: SORAPOL

Creative Director: Daniel Lismore

PR Team: Pop PR

Article by Tania Willis

Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm 2012


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