Nasir Mazhar Spring/Summer 2013

Nasir Mazhar put the BOOM in Bloomsbury unveiling his full-throttle ready-to-wear collection titled ‘GTI Sex Speed Turbo’ which collided beautifully towards a tropical explosion of influences and style.
The surrounding Georgian buildings trembled as space-ship swag crash landed into the Top Shop Showspace re-branding Bedford ‘hip to be’ Square Gardens. A crew of models and grime MC’s alike disembarked taking centre stage proclaiming this new world.. ghetto heaven.
The pop-up Caribbean barber shop lay backdrop to some seriously delicious sports-luxe meets alien-cyber wear, a 90’s aesthetic cultivated the all-round look while East End culture set the tone.

Mazhar’s collection celebrates the many diverse cultural influences and people of East London and as a proud resident himself, it’s not hard to see why he has chosen such a heart-felt dedication.

Designer & Brand Info: NASIR MAZHAR

Article & Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm 2012

Styling: Anna Trevelyan & Matthew Josephs

Make Up: Ayami Nishimura @ Julian Watson Agency

Hair: Alex Brownsell @ D+V  Hair Team: Bleach London

Set Design: Andrea Cellerino @ The Magnet Agency

Nails: WAH


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