Jena Theo Spring/Summer 2013

Jenny Homes and Dimitris Theocharidis of Jena Theo created a thoroughly modern ‘Hells Angel’ for their ss13 collection.

Ice maiden meets Gothic dessert chic bought a rich femininity with a 90’s biker edge. Palettes of silky peach made up a stunning maxi skirt, paired with a yellow and black ombre conical bustier with carefully considered paneling cut a for a femme fresh darkness.

Jena Theo

Expert detailing in white etchings of snakes, dragons and skulls over sheer or solid black fabric, styled over arms, skirts and down sides solidified an oriental cool.
Shoes were modelled on a more earthly aesthetic; wooden platforms supporting toes encased in almost white woven leather, mimicking the body of a fish skeleton with cut out heels.

Jena Theo 1Jena Theo 4

The fluidity of elegant sequined skirts, shimmering statement dresses and forward thinking cuts are slightly disturbed by the coarse stiffness of the goth denim T-Shirt, and cowhide skin crop top which hangs, well, exactly how dead animals skin would.
Awkward tailoring aside the collection was a stunning original mix of textures and colours addressing the ‘True Jenna Theo Woman’ which it did in a unique, smouldering urban way.

Jena Theo 2

Designer & Brand Info: Jena Theo

PR Team: Goodley PR

Article by Tania Willis

Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm 2012