Matthew Miller Spring/Summer 2014

9197331257_fe892ea857_cLFWmens fashion week

Born from the manta “Destroy To Create”, the garments in Miller’s latest ‘Radical Prototypes’ collection had a reconstructed feel, pulled apart in the name of art and re-stitched layer upon layer to create a real gallery piece. A neutral palette of white, grey and black finished colour block sweatshirts and tailored ankle grazers, keeping things simplistic and raw. Stark and sterile, this is Lucio Fontana’s slashed canvas – simple yet effective; effortlessly brutal.

Often hailed as a post-industrialist, the movement of creation from man to machine is left behind, placing a high focus on the significance of a simple human idea. Knowledge is power and this collection is a canvas for the audience to project their own ideas and their own art for, as Miller declared, “I am not the artist, you are”. The garments are clean; the slogans are basic and unnamed, reinforced by the words ‘Untitled’ and the generic ‘Mixed Media’. These are pieces that do not discriminate – they are anti-elitist and accessible for all. From relaxed denim jackets for the everyman to streetwise chain embellishments and the urban simplicity of a hood and toggled jacket.

Laminated artist labels, mounted on wood before being carefully slotted into laser cut leather labels, adorn the front of tops and the backs of jeans before making their way to bare chests, unrefined and hastily brushed in paint. Crisp layered whites precede soft grey box fit suit jackets and accompanying shorts – a smart and sleek contrast to the skateboard accessories that followed.

Accompanied with long and loose hair and blank expressions, Miller’s SS14 collection juxtaposed other designer creations with their vibrant use of colour, print and embellishment and, in doing so, produced an all inclusive display of creation to attract a seriously wide audience of admirers. Uncomplicated and, dare I say, cool – it’s a rarity for a piece of art to unite as wholly as ‘Radical Prototypes’ potentially could. But, against his own protest, Miller is the artist and we are the suitably pleased voyeurs.

Designer & Brand Info: Matthew Miller

PR Team: Trace Publicity

Article by Camilla Hunt

Photography by Alan Christopher Parker

© ACP / Stylogasm 2012-2013


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