Ashish Spring/Summer 2014

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Enjoy post DISCO tesco dash for filters and fruits, last nights lazer lights turned black and blue, under eye gucci bags refuse to move, early morning high-street come down crew. Dalston superstars had nothing to lose, slo-mo sequin-huricane moves, 7AM photo-op 7up top-up photo booth, COCA COLA nose pop candy juice.
Jump face first into crowns and splendor or rob some Cava from Marks and Spencer? M&S fueled S&M 2day bender, brain-flagellation chemical annihilator. Ripped Billy Jeans, studded-slipper moon walker, freebasing base-driven credit card slaughter, plastic sunshine fashion enforcer, London’s Re-winding back to the future.

Words and Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm

Designer & Brand Info: ASHISH

PR Team: Village