KTZ Mens A/W 2014


Cracks across the marbled thighs of falling silver skinned angels as new souls emerge martyrs
Symbols searing new meaning into the third eye weeping – oil, the blood of a thousand stars
The birth of a diamond, crystalline typhoon screaming ancient words to the god of mars
Mystics at dawn dancing on the edge of Orion & drowning in greater knowledge
The temple is on fire, black flames tearing holes into the virgin sunlight
Marauding savages destroying Zion for the fifth time
Beating your chest til you feel like a man
Words warped and meaningless
Tension between teen sons
pyramid upside down
forgotten queens
new dreams

Words and Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm

Designer & Brand Info: KTZ

KTZ AW 2014 Menswear Mix by TVYKS


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