Katie Eary A/W 2014









Punk in reverse, first verse spelt backwards on a pink Cadillac hearse: Punk is not dead.. the bubble just burst,
Pop, crackle & Snap – Dame Westwood’s whip has snapped, the rebels quench their new-found champagne thirst
Popular culture ravaged punks rebellious daughter with Micky Mouse brainwashing & dreams of a better future;
Ozzy on MTV slaughtered, Iggy dribbling on ads for car-insurance & Johnny selling his rotten soul for County-life butter.

Aging seditionaries on their knees sedate with corporate-cock sucking on TV
PVC turned to QVC, Sid & Nancy to Richard & Judy
The KKK took my Minnie away, punk-rap bondage straps blowing down the high-way
Mickey Mouse in Victoria house wearing Katie Eary
Blood-red leopard print sprinting through your minds eye
Whip-lash murder-rap, anarcho-Disney in the UK.

Words and Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm

Designer & Brand Info: Katie Eary


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