Kanye West… Wireless Festival, London


Yeezy season approached, we toked – blazed up with vatos locos in the smoke, jokers joked, we spent tons – we not broke, you’ve got to LIVE before you croak. But before we’re ghosts we’ll explode, turn every atom into gold, make every piece so strong and bold, smash their system son and break the mold. BOOM a shooting star hit London town, Kanye West is with us now, POW Wireless just got knocked the fuck out, ‘All of the lights’ all of the people shout, THIS is what it’s all about, man dem on the prowl GROWL yall pussy cats better watch your gowns MIEOW 60,000 libido’s just gone walkabout… We hit XOYO club in East, deviation supply the dopest beats, Yeezy in the house, we’re knocking back the drinks, tonight’s BEEN TRILL now let’s turn up the heat.

Words & Photos by Alan Parker ‘El Guero’


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