Ashish Spring/Summer 2014

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Enjoy post DISCO tesco dash for filters and fruits, last nights lazer lights turned black and blue, under eye gucci bags refuse to move, early morning high-street come down crew. Dalston superstars had nothing to lose, slo-mo sequin-huricane moves, 7AM photo-op 7up top-up photo booth, COCA COLA nose pop candy juice.
Jump face first into crowns and splendor or rob some Cava from Marks and Spencer? M&S fueled S&M 2day bender, brain-flagellation chemical annihilator. Ripped Billy Jeans, studded-slipper moon walker, freebasing base-driven credit card slaughter, plastic sunshine fashion enforcer, London’s Re-winding back to the future.

Words and Photography by Alan Christopher Parker
© ACP / Stylogasm

Designer & Brand Info: ASHISH

PR Team: Village

London Fashion Week: Pam Hogg Spring/Summer 2014

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Walk of ART | Pam Hogg Spring/Summer 2014

Iconic British fashion designer Pam Hogg delivered the goods at London Fashion Week yet again with her landmark 30th collection. The hallowed halls of Free masons hall encapsulated what can be best described as a living, breathing work of art.
The explosive Spring Summer 2014 collection titled ‘Future past: War & Peace: Past future’ began with a genesis of khaki military, evolving into futuristic brights and feminine second-skin metallics. There were the fruit basket head pieces, translating into a glossy bouncing version of Monet’s Still Life with Apples and Grapes.
Then out pranced… *gasp* … my Catwalk Ballerina. This art-fashion-induced visual orgasm had reached near its peak.
We had all become victimised by this bold and confident display of, “oh no you didn’t… oh yes I did” outfit extravaganza. Colours vs. metallics, patent leather vs. skin, flower filled vs. jaw dropping, breast baring garments (i mean, master pieces of divine fashion couture) – when these started to touch the senses there was no reigning it in.

Designer & Brand Info: Pam Hogg

PR Team: Pop PR

Photography by Alan Christopher Parker

Article by Adrenus Craton

© ACP / Stylogasm 2012-2013